About the Happy Strap

The Happy Strap has been designed as an aid for infants and children with hypotonia (low muscle tone) to assist the control of ligament laxity and joint flexibility in the hips. A degree of stability is given to the hips by the Happy Strap and this greatly assists in stabilising little bodies and helping them through their developmental milestones of sitting, crawling and walking. Worn while sleeping it counteracts any tendency of the legs to splay.The Happy Strap may be worn either over or under clothing, day and night. It is recommended that “pre-walkers” wear the Happy Strap over their clothes and then under clothes once walking. The adjustable Happy Strap is available in various colours and sized from newborn.

The same principle demonstrated in the sitting position applies to the walking base – reducing a broadbase to a more normal walking gait.

The Happy Strap also facilitates the automatic bending of the knees when walking.

Because the Happy Strap keeps the hips in the right position in relation to the legs, the ankles do not roll the feet inward on the instep as they tend to do when walking with a broad base.

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Happy Strap Size Chart and Colour Availability

Happy Strap size chart

As kids are all different shapes and sizes it was not possible to grade the sizes by age which is why we use the mid-thigh circumference as the key measurement. At this stage we are only able to offer the various sizes in limited colour choices. We hope that demand is such that we will shortly be able to offer the Happy Strap in any size and colour.

The approximate age is based on the average size of a normal child – use clothing size as a guide. Should the below sizes not suit your requirements, or you are unsure of what size you require, please contact us so we may attempt to assist you and accommodate your individual need. Should the Happy Strap you order not fit, then please contact us with what your requirements are, return the Happy Strap to us and we will replace it.

Happy Strap Composition

The composition of a Happy Strap

Happy Strap is a Class 1 Medical device that is in conformity with EU law, has CE certification and is covered by Patent 2006/10475.